Top 25

  • Magna-Tiles 100 piece set
    Magna-Tiles is our best selling magnetic building toy and the 100 piece set is the best value. There are other smaller sets available, also all of our sets come in solid or transparent tiles.
    2. Magformers 14 Piece Set
    Magformers are a lot like Magnatiles. They are both magnetic toys and are similar in size and shape. The Magformers 14 piece is one of our smaller sets but a great item to build and create with just like the Magnatile.
    3. Spirograph Deluxe & Tin Set
    The original, Yes the same one you parents used as a kid! The Spirograph is a great way to create countless amazing designs. It comes in two different set a smaller tin set and deluxe set. Its a great gift for both young and old!
    4. Q-Ba-Maze 2.0
    The Q-ba-maze is a next generation marble maze with three kinds of cubes with countless possibilities. It is a marble maze in which you don't know the direction in which the marble will go next. We offer three different sets in both warm and cool colors, along with stunt packs to make your building experience even more fun!n
    5. Pattern Play
    Pattern Play by MindWare is a great product for everyone young and old, it features 40 wooden blocks and 40 cards to create patterns from, or just create your own!n
    6. Qwirkle
    Qwirkle is one of our many games. Made by MindWare it is game where you match colors and shapes in rows and columns each match it worth points and you keep score, Highest score wins! Qwirkle is a 2 to 4 player game and is recommended for 6 and up.
    7. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty
    Crazy Aaron's putty is great fro almost anyone. Crazy Aron's putty is more then just something to play with. It is made by adults with special needs right here in the USA. They strive to help these adults by showing the how to work and helping them gain financial independence. The putty comes in many different styles like magnetic color changing and much more. Also it never dries out so it will be fun for years to come!
    Crazy Aaron
    9. Snap Circuits Jr. 100-In-1
    Snap Circuits are a great science toy made for kids to learn about electricity the safe way with mo worry of getting shocked! there are several different sets offered from big to small!
    10. Rock Tumbler
    Our rock tumbler that we offer is great for starting and for people collecting already. whether you go find your own rocks on the beach or buy them at our store. the rock tumbler comes with four different grits along with some rocks to start. We also have refill kits for when you run out of grit or rocks.
    11. Marble Run, Transparent Basic
    This is your standard marble run set. great for kids of all ages. Made by Quercetti it is built to last, and tons of fun. combine multiple sets and create the ultimate marble run!
    12. Lincoln Logs
    Lincoln Logs are the classic building toy that have stood the test of time and are still just as great as when they came out, we have the classic frontier building set which comes in a tin along with several other different sets.
    13. Stomp Rockets
    The Stomp Rocket Jr. (3+) and Stomp rocket Ultra (6+) are great for kid of all ages they are hours of outdoor fun for an affordable price. the Junior has glow in the dark rockets for even fun at night, along with LED rockets that can be bought for the Ultra. they soar to 100 feet and 200 feet respectively. also we have extra rockets just in case you ever need them.
    Stomp Rocket
  • 14. Calico Critters
    International Playthings INC.
    15. You've Been Sentenced
    McNeill Designs
    16. K'Nex 70 Model Building Set
    the K'NEX 70 model set is one of the awesome sets from K'NEX that include our huge six foot Ferris Wheel we have in the front window. K'NEX like Lego is a great building toy for young and old and is make right here in America.n
    17. Fancy Friendship Bracelets
    18. Paper Flying Dragons
    19. Jumbo Coloring Pads
    Melissa & Doug
    21. Figure 8 Wooden Train Set
    Melissa & Doug
    20. K's Kids Stacking Blocks
    Melissa & Doug
    22. Doorbell House
    Melissa & Doug
    23. Underwater Floor Puzzle
    Melissa & Doug
    24. Perplexus: Epic, Original, Rookie, & Twist
    25. Sands Alive! Starter Set
    Play Vision